Jesus is looking for fruit from our lives.

Jesus is looking for fruit from our lives.


In 1982 Church on the Way was birthed. God gave a vision to three couples to establish a Charismatic Church in Blairgowrie where the full gospel of Jesus Christ would be demonstrated in the community; up to this time there had been no regular expression of a Charismatic Church in Blairgowrie. We saw the need for a church where people could feel part of a family, find hope, healing and deliverance through Jesus; a church where they could be equipped to live a victorious life no matter what circumstances they were facing.. The first public meeting of Church on the Way was in the Methodist Church Hall in 1982.  We have not become complacent and the vision that birthed the Church in 1982 is still the heart of Church on the Way today, which is, that through the power of the Holy Spirit, we are seeing Jesus still heal the sick, set people free from guilt and condemnation, reconcile man to God and one to another. He brings purpose and direction to people’s lives – He is ALIVE! 

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19.10 | 22:18

I appreciate The Church on the way, for the great work it has done in my community through God's trusted people in Scotland and Uganda who came and set clean water in our community God bless you.